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Group Admission Prices: Children (2-12) $3, Adults-$5, Seniors (65 & older) and Students (w/I.D.) - $4.

1 teacher per 10 students will receive free admission. Special Needs groups are reduced to $2 (per person).

Payment Policy: The Denver Firefighters Museum requires a $20.00 deposit to secure the date and time of group programs. The balance is due upon arrival at the museum. The Museum accepts cash, checks and Visa, MC, or Discover cards. Group tours will NOT be allowed to use coupons.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel a tour, please call the Denver Firefighters Museum at 303-892-1436 at least 24 hours prior to your tour to reschedule. We understand that special circumstances arise and our staff will make every effort to accommodate schedule issues.

Arrival/Tardiness Policy: If you will be late, please call the Museum and let us know your expected new arrival time so that we can make every effort to accommodate you. If your group is later than 30 minutes from scheduled arrival time, the staff at the Museum may use their discretion to adjust your planned activities.

Weather: If it is an inclement weather day, the staff will call and verify the tour either the day before or the morning of your visit.

Parking Access: The Denver Firefighters Museum has a free parking space FOR BUSES ONLY. The space is located at the corner of 14th Street and Tremont on the right hand side as soon as you turn the corner. DO NOT UNLOAD PERSONS ONTO THE STREET IN FRONT OF THE MUSEUM. Please use cross walks and sidewalks. All other parking must be paid. Metered street parking is $1.00 per hour. Pay parking lots near the Museum vary between $5-$12 in their hourly and daily rates.


Supervision: To ensure a quality experience for your group, the Denver Firefighters Museum requires a minimum of 1 adult for every 10 children. Please inform your chaperones that they will be asked to actively assist in the visit.

Food: NO FOOD, DRINKS OR GUM in the Museum please. We suggest the chaperone or responsible party plan the tour schedule with consideration to timing of meals. If arriving at the Museum by bus, please leave all food and beverages on the bus.

Museum Manners: Please emphasize to your children or students proper etiquette while visiting any museum or historical site, as this may be the first experience for them. Advise them that museums are places where quiet voices are appropriate, running is discouraged and following directions is very important. Because of the sensitive condition and age of the artifacts at the Museum, hands-on activities are only allowed on certain exhibits marked by hands-on activity station signage. NOTE: While the Denver Firefighters Museum has a “hands-on” philosophy, please encourage children to ask before touching. Some artifacts can be passed around while others need special care and can not be touched.

Special Needs: If anyone in your group has special needs (such as requiring wheelchair access), please inform the staff in advance so we can accommodate such needs. In addition, if anyone in your group has allergies, diet restrictions or special medical conditions, please let the staff know in advance and provide the pertinent information regarding emergency contacts.


A Day in the Life of A Firefighter (PreK-5TH Grade), 1 hour teacher led program.

***Prior to arriving at the Museum, please have your children divided into three groups according to age.


Your group will be participating in four hands-on activities as they learn about the life of a firefighter:

Activity A - Dress Like a Firefighter/Firefighters Are Our Friends is a role playing exercise that teaches children about the gear and equipment used by a firefighter. Children become familiar with the appearance of firefighters, and their role as valuable community helpers, as they pretend they are on their way to a fire!

Activity B – Tools of the Trade/Bucket Brigade: Examine real equipment firefighters use today and play a bucket brigade game to learn how volunteer firefighters used to put out fires a long time ago.

Activity C - The Escape House: This activity uses a practice house to teach participants the sound of a smoke detector and the correct response to the alarm, how to determine the fastest and safest route out of the house, how to crawl low under smoke and the importance of a safe meeting place. The second part of the activity focuses on items in the home that can get hot and burn you or start a fire, and how to stay safe from these hazards.

Activity D – Station Seekers: A fun filled scavenger hunt that uses clues and objects to illustrate firefighter life at the fire station.

Sparky’s Hazard House : (Pre-k/Kindergarten), 1 HOUR STAFF PRESENTATION

Sparky’s Hazard House is an interactive program that uses a cutaway house to teach children about fire and safety hazards in the home. Your students will also participate in learning how and when to dial 9-1-1 for emergencies using our 9-1-1 simulator phone.

SELF-GUIDED DISCOVERY TOURS : (Grades 6th-12th), 1 hour self-guided tour.

Follow in the bootprints of a firefighter on a tour of the Museum as children of all ages discover the story of Fire Station One and firefighting in Denver, past and present. Learn about how firefighters communicate, the equipment they use, see real fire trucks, learn about Denver’s biggest fires and take a step into firefighter life at the station as you peek into lockers, a dorm room and officer’s quarters! During the tour, students can utilize fun, hands-on activity stations designed to instill fire safe behaviors!

 Teacher Resources

Teachers, we've provided a Field Trip Guide for your use in PDF version at the top right-hand side of this page under "Related Documents". We strongly encourage that you print this out and read over it before you arrive at the Museum.

After your visit, bring the Museum back to the Classroom!

Ask about renting one of our Tools of the Trade: Discovery Trunks for Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st-3rd Grade! They are a fun and easy way for teachers to reinforce what students learn at the Museum. Each trunk contains age appropriate fire safety curriculum and engaging hands-on activities.


To schedule your School or Day Care tour please contact Sarah Crocker, Education Coordinator at (303)-825-0608 or by email at Please note that not all requests can be granted and the Museum will do its best to reach everyone in a timely and prompt maner. Thank you!

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