• “Really nice museum with a lot packed into it. There are a lot of informational displays and a ton of equipment, etc. It's all housed in an old and interesting building. The staff was helpful and talking to one of the old firefighters was really interesting and informative. .”
    G D
  • “Took my 4 and 2 year old and they loved it! They get to learn very neat things about fire trucks and the equipment used by the firemen, as well as many great safety tips. The highlights for my kids were the pole they got to slide down, the fire truck they got to play in, dressing up like real firefighters, and playing computer games that taught about fire safety. Great way to spend a cold winter afternoon. ”
    D Danenfelzer
  • “Our 3 year old is addicted. He asks for it all the time. He and Daddy always come home with new interesting info. (This is my chance for Mommy time.. :)..)”
    G Adams
  • “Great place! Our 19th month old enjoyed it!”
    Lori DiPaolo
  • “Very cute small museum. Learning about the old PPE stuff interests me. Prices are good and has a nice play area for the kids. Don't expect a high tech museum but very informational. It's a very short walk from the 16th St. Mall area.”
    Ashley W.
  • “My husband is a retired fire fighter so he knew many of the antiquated equipment and explained them to me. The video portion was very interesting. Even if your not into fire stuff, the building itself is cool. I think it was worth the time and money. It is just around the block from the US Mint, so kill two birds with one stone and do both”
    Pam S
  • “My husband & son visited the museum during our vacation in Denver. My son recently began Firefighter training so he was very interested and my husband found it very enjoyable as well. They enjoyed the exhibits and found it very informative. The staff was friendly & helpful as well.”
    B William
  • “Housed in an old fire station and packed full of fire fighting vehicles and memorabilia. Although there were no children there at the time it is obvious that there is a lot of things children can do including dressing in uniform.”
    Christine G
  • “We had a wonderful few hours here. Staff were very welcoming. We were not sure how good it would be but it exceeded our expectations. Large display upstairs dedicated to 9/11 disaster which made us quite humble. Everything is really well laid out with lots of information. Great selection of old fire trucks through the years. Well worth a visit.”

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