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Exhibits and Galleries

Main Level:

Six themes comprise this gallery that follows the process of fire. Communicating Fire – discusses how fire has been communicated through time from pulling alarm boxes and telegraph, to dialing zero and calling 911 today; Personal Protective Tools and Equipment – display of bunking gear, helmets, boots, and firefighting tools; Fire Apparatus – display of hand pulled, horse pulled and motorized fire trucks and engines; Fire Suppression – discussion of methods used to extinguish fire through water and chemicals; Other Duties – discusses other life safety tasks that firefighters perform; and an interpretation of the History of Station No. 1.

Follow the firefighters boot prints through the gallery to interact with the hands-on activities. Fire Safety Stops explore the exhibit themes on a child’s level and teach important fire prevention lessons in a fun, non-threatening manner. Activities include a 911 teaching phone, child size firefighting gear, children’s pole and fire truck, and a touch cart full of real firefighting tools.

Discount Tire Company Educational Center shows a variety of videos on demand.The Museum Tour DVD is playing on a rotating basis.

Second Floor:
Three themes comprise this gallery: firefighter training, Denver’s fires and living quarters at Station No. 1. Visitors learn of the rigors of becoming a firefighter; the large fires in Denver’s history; and tour the living quarters – dorm room, officer’s quarters, locker room, bathroom, and family room.

Special Exhibits:

Please check out these temporary exhibits on the 2nd floor. More information on these can be found on the Special Exhibits page.