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Research Library and Archives

Visitor Information

The Denver Firefighters Museum research library is a regional research facility with collections that focus on firefighting history.  The library is currently closed to the general public.  There is no charge to visit the library or to view the collections. The Museum will update this site once the library is available for public use.

The goal of the library is to provide public access to the research collections, while insuring the protection of the Denver Firefighters Museum’s documentary and cultural heritage for future generations.  The library is a non-circulating research facility, so materials may not be checked out.

When you visit the Library, the staff will ask you to fill out a registration form.  A photo ID is needed for registration.  Visitors are only allowed to bring writing materials, including paper, pencils or a laptop, into the reading room. Cameras, scanners, cell phones, food and drink can not be brought into the Library.

Library users are welcome to retrieve books in the public areas of the reading room.  Most of the collections are stored in non-public areas and will be brought out upon request.  The staff is happy to assist and advise researchers as to library holdings and use of catalogs.


Research Collections

Research & Archive questions should please be directed to

Jamie Melissa Wilms, Chief Curator

(303) 825-0629

You may search our computer catalog for records of books, manuscript collections, oral histories, maps and magazine titles.  The research collections include the following types of materials:

Books – Manuscripts – Oral Histories – Maps – Photographs – Special Collections

Collections Use Policy
Information about the collections is available in the Research Library at the Denver Firefighters Museum.  Photographs from collections are available, unless restricted, for a fee based on the size of the photograph and its intended use.  Photographing or otherwise reproducing items or exhibits, or purchasing photographs, means that you agree to comply with the conditions for use.

Unless otherwise stated in the Collections Use Agreement, purchase of photographs or otherwise obtaining images of or from the collections constitutes agreement to comply with these conditions:

Responsibility for questions of copyright that may arise are assumed by the user.  Denver Firefighters Museum reserves the right to limit the number of photographic copies; to restrict the use or reproduction of rare or valuable material; to ensure that reproductions are in good taste and that use is consistent with the mission of the Denver Firefighters Museum; to make special quotations for material involving unusual difficulty in copying; and to charge a higher copying fee than specified for a small number of special items.  Before publication, Denver Firefighters Museum reserves the right to require a proof for approval.

Images of items or copies of photographs in the collection that will be used for any form of publications, reproduction, or display must be obtained from Denver Firefighters Museum or with Denver Firefighters Museum written permission.

All reproduced photographs must be credited as follows: “Photo(s) Courtesy Denver Firefighters Museum” followed by the identifying negative or scan number, and the name of the artist or photographer, if known.

* * printed matter: it is preferred that the credit line appear on the same or facing page as the illustration or with “Sources of Illustrations.”  Each individual item must be credited.
* * films, video and CD format use: credit with “Other Sources of Illustrations.”  In manuals that accompany filmstrips, credit at the point where the illustration is discussed.
* * exhibitions: show credit within the exhibition area.
* * web site use: show credit on the screen where the image appears.

A complimentary copy of any publication or reproduction using Denver Firefighters Museum materials (images, or transcripts from manuscript collections) must be sent to the Denver Firefighters Museum within 3 months of the publication date.

Publication or reproduction of photographs or other materials from the collections requires written permission from the Denver Firefighters Museum.  Permission is granted for one-time use and for the number of copies specified on the agreement.  Subsequent printings or editions such as book-club, paperback, electronic format or international editions require further written permission and may require payment of additional fees.

Requests for copies of graphic items intended for single mass reproductions into formats such as poster, post cards, or note paper may be subject to special contractual procedure.

Requests for image adjustment such as cropping, overprinting or bleeding the page edge, must be made in writing.  Details must be identified as such.  Prices may be increased to cover expenses.

In addition to processing fees, reproduction fees are charged for the commercial use of images.  Images to be published on web pages are to be obtained from the Denver Firefighters Museum, already scanned onto a CD-ROM at 72 d.p.i. to the dimensions specified by the user.  They may only be displayed as scanned onto the CD, and not altered in any way.  Credit must appear on the screen with the image.  User must supply Denver Firefighters Museum with the exact web page address on which the images will be displayed.  Permission is for one time use only, that is, the image may only be displayed for a specific time period on the specific web page designated on the use agreement.

Copyright Notice
© 2018 Copyright, Denver Firefighters Museum, All Rights Reserved.  The Denver Firefighters Museum reserves all rights to materials in the collections, including but not limited to, photographs, digital files and publications of the Denver Firefighters Museum.  Publication or reproduction of photographs or other materials from the collections requires written permission.