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Copy Services

Denver Firefighters Museum provides a photocopy service for patrons using the library.  Copies can be emailed upon request for a small additional fee. Please contact the museum at to make copy or research requests.

Books, Manuscripts, Maps and Serials
Staff will copy from these materials as long as the process does not harm the originals and does not violate copyright laws or collections use policies.

Copy Costs
8 ½ x 11 and 8 ½ x 14…..$0.50 per page
Maps/Special Request…..By quote
Additional Fees for Mailing

Library visitors may have photocopies of photographs made using the library copy service.  Photocopies are double sided, so patrons have information from the back of the photograph.  Photocopies are made for research only, not to be published or reproduced in any medium.
(See Photographic Reproductions)

Photocopy Costs
8 ½ x 11…..$0.50 per page
8 ½ x 14…..$1.00 per page

Archive and Collection Research
Academic researchers should contact the Museum’s Chief Curator to schedule an appointment for access. Research will be conducted in the Museum and supervised by a staff member.

Research conducted by the Museum’s staff will be billed at a rate of $20.00 per hour. A non-refundable deposit of $20.00 is required to initiate research. Please indicate on the research request form the maximum amount you wish to spend. Please make your request specific and include as much background information as possible. Although we can’t guarantee that we will find what you are looking for, we will send a letter documenting our search and where possible, suggest alternative resources.

Photo Research
A research service is available by staff to search the collection for specified subjects and provide photocopies of images found.

Photocopies are intended for research purposes only, and are not to be published or reproduced in any medium.

The fees for photo research begin at $20 for personal requests and $25 for commercial requests. Additional fees: $1.00 per page to fax research results. Research fees must be prepaid.

Processing & Commercial Production Fees
The cost of reproducing black-and-white and color copy prints by desired size is listed below. An additional $10.00 per photograph will be charged if it is necessary to make a copy negative.  All negatives are retained for our files.  Scans are provided for publication, as digital prints aren’t suitable for this purpose.  Prices for sizes other than those specified will be quoted upon request. Commercial use of photographs is subject to additional fees. Orders must be accompanied by prepayment. Normal delivery time is 2-3 weeks of order date. Rush orders may be negotiated if the staff has time available. All applicable sales taxes and a shipping and handling fee are charged.


5 x 7…..$15.00
8 x10…..$18.00
9 x 12…..$23.00
11 x 14…..$30.00
12 x 18…..$35.00
16 x 20…..$40.00
20 x 24…..$50.00


4 x 5…..$10.00


35mm $5.00 each with a $25.00 minimum

SCAN TO DISK (file scanned to CD) 

72 to 300 dpi…..$15.00
up to 600 dpi…..$40.00


Cost plus 20% with a $25.00 minimum and $5.00 mailing fee


Cost plus 20% with a $25.00 minimum and $5.00 mailing fee


One week service add 100% to cost of order ($15.00 minimum)
In addition to processing fees, reproduction fees are charged for the commercial use of images of or from collections.

A. Fee per photograph for books and similar printed items:

1. Under 1000 copies no fee
2. 1,001 to 5,000 copies $10.00
3. 5,001 & over $10.00/ 5000 copies
4. Cover no additional fee

B. Fee per photograph for publication in a serial or newspaper:

1. Under 10,000 circulation no fee
2. Per 10,000 circulation $5.00

C. Fee per image in an exhibit or display:

1. Nonprofit exhibit or display .no fee
2. Commercial Display $25.00
3. Powerpoint/slide show $5.00

D. Fee per image in Motion picture:

1. Commercial motion picture/TV  broadcasts, one time use $75.00
2. Commercial motion picture/TV broadcasts,satellite, this product, any medium, in perpetuity $150.00
3. Unlimited video/disk for resale $50.00

E. Website

1. Web use: personal, flat fee * $10.00
2. Web use: non-profital, flat fee* $10.00
3. Web use: commercial, per image* .$10.00

*72 d.p.i. scans must be obtained from the Museum

F. Merchandise

fee negotiated

G. Advertising

fee negotiated

** any adjustment of fees for uses not covered above is subject to the approval of the Executive Director.
** Fees are subject to change at any time.
** Fees may be waived for Colorado non-profit organizations (out-of-state, non-profit fees may be reduced) or university presses engaging in non-commercial publication, or for the use of photographs by Colorado news media in newspaper articles, newscasts, or non-commercial documentaries upon receipt of proof of proper credit.